Al Jazeera's English Language Channel.

Al Jazeera launched an English language channel. If you live in the US, the only place to watch it is on the Internet. Whether you agree with it or not (Al Jazeera has been the conduit of choice for terrorists, or whether this is new English channel newsworthy), it's definitely different.

Here's the first 6 minutes of the Al Jazeera English: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via metafilter

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Apologies if I upset anyone. I am sure Alex is not stupid, and the story in itself is neat. However, political editorialising undermines the writer by betraying bias, whether that be one way or the other. Recently, I've noticed more politics than usual on Neatorama, and with respect for the posters' allegiances, all one-sided. I don't care to tell people what they can or can't say, however as a visitor to the site I feel I have as much right as anyone to ask that some commonsense be observed, especially in the field of politics. I concede that I originally put this notion very bluntly and, as such, I offer sincere apologies to those who were angered or offended by my crude comments.
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please stop posting comments. you come across sounding stupid. and you're not neat.

ps: a story about the first-ever english language news channel in the middle east is quite neat.
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I thought it was funny, especially the build-up. Its self-importance reminded me of the self-importance of Western news channels like CNN and Fox.

Finally, a new era in news reporting(!), with two anchors who look about as professional as the folks on the Naked News.

If it makes you think about your own news providers, maybe it's a good thing.
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If you can not listen to someone elses point of view, why should anyone listen to yours? If you can't defend your point of view, even to yourself, what is the point of having such convictions?

This is why an English AlJazeera is important, and why comments like haribo's, which while I agree with the first half of his position, are so very wrong and counterproductive.

Aramax, there are a lot of muslim Americans, and certain Americans in general, who would have interest in an English language Al Jazeera. Particularly, English-speaking Americans who were interested in the Arab perspective would have to stick to English-written webpages, or groups like MEMRI who translate content from AlJazeera (

As far as the actions of our President, his father (and his new nominee for the Secretary of State) was previously a director of the CIA, and the CIA has a long history of nation building in order to fight the spread of communism. This might go a long way to explaining why he thinks the way he does.
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