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When you say good HDR, I think of stuff like this guy:


Images that capture wider range tonality than what is capable with a digital camera (which is generally just five stops, iirc), but still look like a real scene.

I don't consider the stuff linked here as HDR except for one or two exceptions.... the colors are false, the light is inconsistent... it looks computer generated.
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Ya, thought the photos were a little weird the first time I saw them...

By the way, a very lengthy history of the 2nd ammendment up to its ratification....

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not without precedent...

In 1952, William Gallagher won a pulitzer prize for taking a simliar photo showing the hole in the sole of presidential hopeful Adlai Stevenson.

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Obligatory: http://www.angryflower.com/aposter.html

I find that I just avoid apostrophes, and wind up with rather formal sounding language.
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Doesn't seem much different than our own police. =P

Main difference seems to be the humvee has a weak horn instead of a siren, and they give your fender a love tap instead of a "guilty till you prove yourself innocent" fine. If I was driving the POS's like the folks in video, I'd prefer the love tap.
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Check out findsounds.com -- like Google Images, but for sound. Used it to make a gag wedding gift for a friend, Aural Birth Control... a 60 minute loop of babies crying.
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There was similar and very funny video... but I haven't been able to find it again... so if anybody knows what I am talking about, please, please share the link. =)

There is an alley with a guy doing surveying at one end. He asks a passerby (the victim) to help him by carrying a big red flag to the other end of the alley. Then he disappears, and a mob carrying picket signs sneaks up behind the victim as he walks down the alley. At other end of the alley, a squad of police in full riot gear appear. The victim turns around, only to find himself suddenly trapped between riot police and an angry mob.
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Unfortunately, a gadget like this requires that one has a computer.

I have a friend who is such a flaming luddite that he wants his cassette collection converted to CD, but doesn't want to have a computer in his home.

So, you end up searching for expensive solutions like this, http://www.ioproducts.com/tacc.html or rack-style cd recorders and tape decks.

And yes, he works in an IT department. Old time punch card operator.
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When I was in Bergen, Norway last year, this was everywhere... very cute.

Even saw a couple of times when the vandal skewed up the stencils and had the white shifted terribly off from the black.
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I believe the 8 trillion is only the 'normal' budget, where this guy is including off-budget programs like Social Security, which could be considered part of the gov's bigger dept picture with all of the new pay-outs coming up.
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I live in a pretty rural area, and something like this (but worse) happened on my road.

A cat got hit by a car and laid decomposing in the middle of the road. The road crew simply painted the double yellow line over the cat. It was there for quite a while, and got pretty bad with bloato-moto. Everytime you drove past, it would wave at you with its one arm proudly up in the air.
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Best campaign pledge ever:

# adopting the British system of driving on the left; this was to be gradually phased in over five years with large trucks first, then buses, eventually including small cars and bicycles last.
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While it could be argued as an effort to control the activities of the public through ritualistic practises and brainwashing, I don't think recycling qualifies as a secret society. =P
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