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You might want to have a sun compass if you wanted to know which direction you should be going :)

It's a pretty "neat" concept and the sun compass is worthy of it's own post.
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Good prank! Pretty gross and tasteless, but a good prank.

Did you really think a baby albatross's stomach takes up 97% of their body cavity?

Did you think baby albatrosses don't have lungs, kidneys, hearts, bladders, spleens, or livers?

I'm all for not throwing plastic in the water, trust me, but these guys who do this fake stuff are just hurting the cause.
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Ah. The Socialist Republic of Oregon's Healthcare Plan.

Yep, it's just a little girl's face. No reason for a government bureaucrat to approve the procedure at all.
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Ah, the beauty of Oregon's socialized medicine.

Hey, it's just one little girl. The government panel decided she doesn't need a nose job. Next!

Come on. It's one little girl. So what?
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The child molester might have been an Academy-Award winning film director. We really don't have enough information to know what to think at this point.

If it's some local pervert, that's one thing, but maybe this guy is like foreign and has made a good movie and so that makes it ok.
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Cursive writing was necessary when people wrote with fountain pens (or before that, quills) because printing would tap out the ink out of the pen (or quill) and make a mess on the page. With the invention of the ballpoint pen cursive became unneccesary. It may be pretty and so on, but the original purpose no longer applies.
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I've eaten plenty of pygmy goat meat. It's good meat. Obviously it's not the intended purpose of the animal but it does just fine, especially for a small family.
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I think it is horrible that so-called President Bush kept this under wraps for so many years. Today with the new openeness and transparancy of President Obama we can both admire the beauty of these old relics and also mourn the fact that all the oil and fuel and so on draining from the planes will forever mar the environment there.
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