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I think it is wonderful that since President Obama has taken office we have learned to look past the outside appearances and see the goodness that lies within each of us, as these two photos show clearly. In the Old Days this young man would have been looked down upon but now he is able to demonstrate that he is the same as we are. I wish we had learned this lesson earlier; we would have avoided much sorrow.
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Well, you may laugh but the truth is that President Obama was writing and speaking about these kinds of scientific discoveries as far back as 2007. I do not think it is a coincidence that he would be calling for the liberation of science at just the moment that scientists would be free to discover such things. And for the comment that this was in Germany, Hello, the internet can carry President Obama's message of allowing scientists to think for themselves to all the world.
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It's amazing to see the advances in these medical things since President Obama has permitted scientists to once more seek to help people. Probably the most important thing President Obama has done is to give scientists the permission to think for themselves. Already we are seeing the rewards from his policy.
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I think it is pretty stupid for the Pope to say that beavers are fish. I keep hoping that President Obama will close down the Roman Catholic Church in this country because of issues like this, when President Obama campaigned on calls for greater use of science. I know that President Obama can not shut down the whole Vatican thing world-wide but surely he can shut down the Pope's operation in this country.
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I think President Obama should outlaw this kind of criticism. These kinds of articles do nothing but provide ammunition to those who would seek to destroy what He has planned for our country. I love my country and thank God every day that President Obama has taken control and is leading our nation to a better place. People who try to run down our coutnry and our President should be in prison.
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The two plumes of smoke reminded me of the attack on September 11, 2001. My uncle was in the WTC at the time but got out ok. I am so thankful that we no longer have to worry about such a tragic event happening anymore with our new President at the helm. If we had only known . . . but now the future will be better.
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I was hoping that President Obama would close down these churches when he took office but it looks like he will wait until his second term. I wish he would move faster but he probably knows best. There is probably opposition in the Congress that we don't know about. The best thing is to stay informed.
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The conflict between Christians and Moors is a painful page in Spanish historia. I am very disappointed that President Obama did not close down this alleged so-called "Festival." I know that he is very busy but I am very disappointed. I hope that next year he will take the initiative and act against this kind of hateful display. Don't we already have enough hate in our lives? Do we need to celebrate hate? Thanks to the blog owners for bringing this to light.
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I think people like this making fun of President Obama should be ashamed of themselves. They might say he's as shaky as Jello but they are wrong. He is our President and they should not ridicule him in this way.
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This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that non-European people lived in America before the Pilgrims came over. I know some will resist the evidence but it is true.
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