Actual Newspaper Story or Onion Headline?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Anyone who reads The Weird Week in Review at mental floss knows that news stories can be hard to believe. Anyone who reads The Onion knows that fake news can highlight real issues. In today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss, you are challenged to distinguish actual news stories from the stuff that The Onion makes up. It’s not so easy! Luckily, I have posted just about all these stories on one site or another, so I scored 100%. Link

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Sometimes I'll see an item in The Onion's RSS feed and think "haha, that's funny." Then I'll open it and realize that it's a poll or something based on a real headline. For example, the guy that wanted there to be Christian Salt to counterbalance Kosher Salt.
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Wow, I guess I've gotta call thirdsies, then. :)

(For those who might read this in future weeks and not know what we're talking about, I believe we're all talking about waking up this morning and discovering that, beyond all normal comprehension, Barack Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. My very first thought was that the Onion had once again been taken for a legitimate news outlet.)
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"Actual Newspaper Story or Onion Headline?"

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