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haha yeah old video, but ive never quite noticed how the little meter above the hamster looks like its keepin track of her MPH lol, what it that?
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lol thats definitely a crow out here where im currently vacationing in israel,they are grey and black out here for some reason and most definitely the beach about 15 minute from where i stay at my familys house i believe you can see the building in the video at some point haha.. doesnt look fake to me
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of course, just the fact that the entire world is filled with different creatures makes this not so amazing... if there weren't those few that would break off for one reason or another into another area, we would have a very boring and crowded world i would think.
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i just think it takes the beauty out of things, i mean she even says at the end, so it wasnt that big of a surprise. really? seems like shes saying that as if she deserved to get this experience. and that is what i hate.

on another note, neat story.
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lol if anyone couldnt tell, im pretty sure its just a little brown marking on the cats chin that makes him llook like that, pretty awesome
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thanks for that bayamus, because i was going to say if thats giant squid the news should be a bit more amazed... as we are yet to capture or even see one alive really
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poese, stem cells come from unborn fetuses, so the argument you put out there also depends if the vegetarian believes in abortion or not i suppose.
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i have a pair of hard tail pants that are plaid, ill wear those with a pair of comfy boots and a plain t shirt, is that considered pajamas? i think its just too vague, and i do disagree unless the pajamas are unappropriat... its a grocery store, what does it matter?
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what about my very manly boyfriend with a spending problem? cant keep his money for anything and im the one that saves all the money.hmm
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as for pabst, they were probably looking for a non chinese crested to hold the title for once, thats the closest they got haha :P (although non deformed they are one of my favorite breeds :P)
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