Bird Attacks RC Airplane

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YouTube user andrewid1976 was flying his remote controlled airplane when it was attacked by a bird. After several attempts, the bird, which Andrew identifies as a raven, was able to take down its prey.

via The Presurfer

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Really not that uncommon. I fly r/c planes and have had territorial raptors take offense to my plane's presence in what they consider THEIR air.

Gliders and electric planes seem to be more prone to attack as they don't have a screaming methanol-fueled engine to frighten them away.
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Technically, it's a RC Slope Soarer, and it's pretty common for birds to either fly with them (especially Thermal Gliders) or chase them (when it's nesting season).

Birds know where all the best air is (and with gliders, bad air means really short flights) so most RC glider pilots (and hang glider pilots) follow the birds.
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Crows and ravens are not raptors, and how the hell can it be fake? You can see it flapping, its nicticating membrane winking, and it's grabbing the plane, so the only way it would be fake is if it were a trained bird, and even then, you're still risking damage to your plane thingie.

And yes, a hooded crow does make more sense. Didn't think of that, since I assumed it was filmed in the US, and they have that same heavy raven bill.
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