Man Stabbed Self to Hide Skateboarding Accident

Aaron Siebers, 27, had a problem. He was skateboarding one afternoon, fell, and ripped his Blockbuster-issued khakis. Worried about getting "written up," Aaron hatched a criminally (not so) brilliant plan:

Instead of just calling in sick, he stabbed himself in the leg and showed up at work claiming to have just been attacked by three Hispanic males. Siebers, who told cops he was assaulted as he walked toward the Blockbuster in Edgewater, had a deep stab wound in one leg and several other minor cuts on his face and stomach. As investigators began hunting for the assailants, they reviewed surveillance video from outside a Target store where Siebers claimed the attack occurred. The footage, however, showed no such assault. Confronted by cops, Siebers, pictured in the below mug shot, admitted that he had stabbed himself. He told investigators about the skateboarding accident, the resulting ripped pants, and how "he did not want to lose his job so he stabbed himself in the leg," according to an arrest affidavit sworn by Officer Shawna Naumann.


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you think thats bad, get a load of this.. he still lives with his mom and dad. Donna and Donald Merriman, of golden Co. His real name is Aaron James Siebers, but he likes to use his Dad's last name, O'niel, even though he never knew his real father. He also goes by the name of "Red" a nickame given to him by mutual friends of ours. People ask "why are you just now posting this" well, I just found it, and thought I should throw in my 2 cents. Aaron was born on may 1st, and we were married on May 8th, 2004. He lived with me and my aunt and uncle when he moved down here after i met him in Bristol Tn, before that he lived in Jacksonville Fl. with a few friends of his. He always talked about how much he wanted to go back to his old life of skateboarding and delivering pizzas, (promise on everything). I got pregnant so we got married. I was 16, he was 21, my uncle had to sweet talk the clearks and judge to keep him out of jail. Hailey Leighann Siebers was born on Oct. 21st, 2004, and Maury Co. Regional Center, in Columbia, Tn. She passed away when she was 9 weeks old, the day of her funeral Aaron told me he was going to Co. to sort out some things and would send for me when he could. I did not know I was pregnant when he left. He moved in with his mom and step father and I didn't hear from him again until 2 years later when I tracked him down. He was with some stripper he knew in high school named Meghan, and he " was as happy as he had ever been." Meanwhile, I had given birth to a set of twins, one still born and the other (Emily) weighing only 4 lbs. Neither of which he cared anything for. Aaron always talked about what a great body piercest he was and how he was gonna make it "real big." haha he went from low paying part time job to low paying part time job, the stripper eventually bailed on him and he has obviously resorted to this. The point is, I don't want any of you to feel surprised or shcked at his behaviors. He always was good for nothing and aparently, he still is.
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And what will this man have leart from this outcome?

- That next time he wants to cover up his tracks, he'll have to tape off all the surveillance camera's in the whole neighbourhood FAR in advance of his intended misstep.....

.... :lol:
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