Is Your Man a Cheapskate? Blame Testosterone!

Why are men so cheap? Blame testosterone:

"Our broad conclusion is that testosterone causes men essentially to be stingy," says Karen Redwine, a neuro-economist at Whittier College in California [...] To make this case, Redwine and her colleague Paul Zak, at the Claremont Graduate University in California, gave a testosterone-containing gel to 25 male university students, and then tested their generosity.

The students then played a simple economic game with another participant via a computer. One volunteer is tasked with splitting $10 with another volunteer in any way he likes. The other volunteer either accepts the offer or rejects it as unfair, in which case no one gets any money. Each volunteer played this game in both roles, on and off the testosterone gel.

Overall, the testosterone cream caused a 27 per cent reduction in the generosity of the offers, from averages of $2.15 to $1.57, Redwine and Zak found.

The article also described how oxytocin, the so-called cuddle chemical, can actually boost generosity: Link

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Wooooow. Incredible how we make up excuses and then conveniently "find/prove/test" the evidence that miraculously makes those excuses valid.

You wanna know why "men" (or really the AVERAGE man) are the way they are?


A Fem For Better Men
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This is total crap. The experiment that was conducted is often used in game theory to explore how people value the concept of "fairness".

Another interpretation of the results would be that higher levels of testosterone induce men to engage in behavior to assert their dominance over others, with the share that the subject earns acting as a proxy for rank in a social hierarchy.
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So what this study basically says is that men are thrifty, and women are shop-a-holics?!? I can read between the lines.. /snicker

Darn you women and your spending habits!

Hrmm, actually, my wife is much more thrifty than I am... I guess I need some testosterone shots! Keep that oxytocin away from me! I don't want my wife's cooties!
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Hmm, then how would one explain people like me? I pinch pennies like crazy, and hate to spend any more than I have to. At the same time, I'll gladly give away anything I have to someone who needs it.

Oh, I'm a MOM.
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