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It probably didn't take "thousand of years of human meddling" to change the wolf into a dog. A Russian scientist managed to alter foxes' behavior to dog-like behavior in just 40 years.
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Ivory soap is still on sale today. When I finally realized (at age 58!) that I had sensitive skin, I tried a ton of expensive products, but the thing that never irritates my skin or scalp is plain old Ivory Soap. 99 44/100% pure! So pure, it floats!

But I don't think you really want to know what that other 56/100% is, unless you're already a soapmaker.
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Child abuse? The very fact that you'd think such a thing might be child abuse trivializes the real abuse that children suffer every day.

This is brilliant - makes an impression without damaging the child, and serves as a reminder to other children as well.
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What you don't see is what happened before his statement. Before his statement, he told a lie. Now his statement makes perfect sense, and there's no paradox at all.
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I'm not convinced anyone outside the media is interested. I chat with a lot of people during the day, and when something really interests the general public I hear about it. Not a word about Tiger, though.
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I wonder if it's a problem with vision. Cats really don't see stationary things all that well. If anything had moved, maybe the cat would have been more interested.
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You can also do this with a large paper clip. Just bend it to look like the top of the outline above, and put the belt into the groove.

It does cut into your finger a bit, though. ;-)
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