Snow-melting Dragon

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The couple in Maryland who made the fire-breathing snowman have their own dragon busy at work melting snow. Wouldn't you love to have neighbors like this? -via Gizmodo

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I'm from Maryland and have just lived through 80 inches of record-breaking snow.

1. Kev: Shut up.

You're not here, you don't know what we're dealing with. There is not enough snow removal equipment. There are not enough places to put the 6 or 12 foot piles of snow that result from attempts to clear a lot.

I still am shoveling my driveway to get to the 3-foot wall that the plows blocked me in with...the day after I finally got rid of the five foot wall at the end of the driveway that the plows put there from the first blizzard.

So yes, dear sweet Kev, we do get winter here. We don't normally get over six feet of winter in the space of a week.

Enjoy nature's gifts my ass. So shut up.

2. The fire breathing dragon is cool, but as you see it had little to no effect on the snow (get it, Kev?). Plus it's wasting fuel.
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my snow dealing tactics are waaaaaay better.

1. A first sign of snow go to a supermarket and sstock up on food. (for a few months).

2. Wait for summer.

Does not make good youtube video's tho...
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"Snow-melting Dragon"

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