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I have to agree with Vonskippy.

It may be theoretically capable of doing 350, but no way it actually got clocked at 350 with the pictured design. You'd need wings/spoilers or something to provide down-draft and keep it all on the ground.
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I did this same thing on my bicycle back in the 90's when I was an early teenager. If he's really using Estes (as I did) then to call them bottle rockets is completely inaccurate. Bottle rockets are fireworks and built to explode, Estes model rockets just whatever direction you point them.

I used to load model rockets into a PVC tube and either shoulder launch them or launch them from my bicycle. A spud gun is more dangerous, especially when you consider the mass of the projectile.
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Thanks maddogyp, that article actually does shed alot more light onto the situation. But I'd still like to know where the hell they get this $1.6 million figure from. Even if you account for the extra "super computers" and electricity to run PCs 24/7, the figure seems way too high.
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Fitting the pic is of a 1911, I'm sure that pistol and the many basic derivations of it are all over that database. Very reliable, widely produced model.
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My wife and I found these hand dryers in a public highway rest stop in Canada. They're insanely loud.

It later shocked me that a highway rest stop had these considering their price. Even moreso since each bathroom had 4.
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Hahaha @ craigslist.

Took them 19 hours to pick it up but I bet you if he DID try to sell it on craigslist it would have taken them half that to try to arrest him for something.
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Um, maybe instead if its known practice the Alabama DMV should have never let him register that vanity plate. NY state DMV has tons of combinations locked out of their vanity plate system to prevent this.

They're going to try changing the working habits of how many employees and update the entire ticketing system, instead of telling one guy he needs to change his plate? Tax dollars what?
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Makes me think of movies like Close Encounters and Independance Day, when they try to communicate via flashing sequences of lights. I'm from this planet and have no clue what that crap means, they may be missing the mark with this complicated lite-brite stuff.
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