Vanity Plate Proves Costly

That's Scottie Roberson, whose nickname is "Racer X" and favorite number is seven.  He combined the two for his vanity plate: XXXXXXX.

Turns out that decision flagged his car for over $19,000 in parking tickets.
When Birmingham parking patrols find cars without license plates parked illegally or at expired meters, they enter seven X's in place of the plate number, city officials said. The parking citation form calls for a plate number, and the practice is to use X's when no number is available.

City officials are working to change the entry system to keep Roberson from receiving any additional tickets, Odom said.

"Maybe we need to go with nine X's, or maybe we just need to leave that part blank altogether," Dawkins said.

Link via The Obscure Store & Reading Room.

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Carol your cousin's an idiot if he thought it would be funny to try to get away with endangering public safety for the sake of a joke. Not that I'm a fan of traffic cameras in the slightest.

All this reminds me of the guy who randomly filled out his vanity plate with zeros and the letter "O". He doesn't even know what his plate it. Neither do the people who try to read it on the cameras.
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I'll say what a lot of people are thinking.

The guy is kind of a doosh. His nickname is "Racer X" and he gets a license plate with 7 Xs on it.

He deserves all the tickets he gets.

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My genius cousin got a tag that read "NO TAG" in Georgia. $150,000 in fines, several TV interviews and court appearances later, and that is no longer a choice for tags in GA.
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