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Looks like you and I were thinking along the same lines. I looked at the folks in the background, too (TN born and raised, mind) and came to similar conclusions.
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This is terrifying. Not in the least b/c the crab is 12 feet long?

I read that as 2 ft initially and I was much more comfortable with the whole thing.
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I admit Ms. Rowling often employs the "snitch caught/game over" method for narrative purposes.

However, the usual "excuse" given for this is that these are more amateur players. Indeed, we are told that professional games can go on for days.

Nor should you forget the result of the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire. Catching the snitch does NOT guarantee victory.
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Good heavens! I'm glad I'm not the only one who only saw the dog. (And I'm even more glad that someone pointed out the cat or I'd *still* be sitting here thinking,"But that's not a cat...")
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There's a great, recent-ish, historical fiction book out about Dodgson and Lidell. Alice I Have Been is the title, and the author is escaping me.

Of course, it is fiction, but I found it fairly fascinating and informative. Some portion of the book dealt with the very photograph shown here.
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