The 10 Greatest Fictional Sports Ever Invented

Made-up games from movies and literature (especially science fiction) can be awesome, because they don't have to follow real-world safety and physics rules. This list is full of sports that would be popular if they were possible and (in some cases) survivable. Quidditch is ranked at number two.
Goals are scored by chucking a smaller ball (the Quaffle) through one of the opponents three goals without being knocked off your broom by a defense whose job it is to hit a large iron ball (the Bludger) into your body at bone-breaking speeds. The game only ends when a tiny, winged ball with a mind of its own (the Snitch) is captured by a member of either team. Catching the snitch is worth 150 points, regular goals are worth 10. Whoever has more points when the snitch is caught, wins.

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I admit Ms. Rowling often employs the "snitch caught/game over" method for narrative purposes.

However, the usual "excuse" given for this is that these are more amateur players. Indeed, we are told that professional games can go on for days.

Nor should you forget the result of the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire. Catching the snitch does NOT guarantee victory.
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i know little of harry potter but it seems to me like there is no reason to score regular goals in its game

why is the one golden ball worth so much? it devalues all other aspects of the sport

also it sounds really lame lol harry potter sucks
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