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If public school wasn't such a joke this wouldn't happen to such a degree. US has a horrible educational system that, to me, seems to teach you how to stand in line and love America rather than anything else. Certain books, such as "Lies my teacher told me", as well as others, do a great job of pointing out this bias.
I came to the US in 4th grade, from USSR/Ukraine. I did not have to learn ANYTHING in math until Grade 10. We were doing fractions in grade school, while they do them in Middle or High school. On top of that, I went to a top rated California school. I reacted by doing ZERO homework, and got yelled at and accused of cheating by my teacher. "How does the person with the lowest grade in the class get the highest grade on the Final?"
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The thing is, and this is very important, you cant "lace" a burger with weed. You cant simply eat unprocessed marijuana and get high, the buds must be baked to turn THC into an edible form. Or the THC needs something to bond to, like alcohol or fat. These guys just sprinkled weed on the burger, anyone who consumed it would have green poo, and no intoxication.
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Yeah, the shootings. Lets stop posting anything to do with violence because a school got shot up in the US. Lets completely disregard the hundreds of people dying daily due to violence in Africa and the Middle East. When a school gets shot up in the US everything must stop!!!
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well not every poster designer does it. and, other than that, i get the impression that the reason for doing that is to personalize the poster. Having it replace your torso and face shows that your mind and body have dedicated themselves to creating this project, and shows the project as though it is "you".

regardless, this is one of my least favorite neatorama entries. Not funny, and only slightly clever.
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