Potburger: Cops Given Burgers Laced with Marijuana

Back in 2006, Police officer Henry Gabaldon and a fellow officer went to Burger King while on duty and got a Whopper of a meal: their burgers were laced with pot. The two men who, um, tampered with the burgers pled guity and just got sentenced ... to probation.

Was justice served? Should the judge have sent the two pranksters to jail?

Here's the story: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Holy Taco

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The perps don't deserve to thrown into prison. What they did was stupid but he intoxicating effects of low grade marijuana are mild. His health was not in jeopardy. His obesity is another matter entirely. A man with that much excess fat is at risk for diabetes, heart disease, etc. How is this man supposed to protect or serve me. Why should my taxes pay for his health care when he works a job that requires, at least, a modest level of fitness?

Probation is not a slap on the wrist. Only people who have never been on probation would consider it as such. Those kids are not free. Their movement is restricted and they will most likely be drug tested. They will also have to make monthly visits to see their probation officers and pay a fee each time. Their PO has the right to show up at their house any time he wants and to search the premises. Their carefree stoner days of watching Futurama and ordering pizza are over.
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well said, roger. how would the same posters felt if it was their significant other, who was getting a mickey slipped in their drink just because some punk at the bar did not like their vocation. fuck that.
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I think some people here are missing the point. Whether or not YOU think marijuana is a harmless drug, YOU do not have the right to give it to others without their permission. Just as YOU may think you are are quite attractive and your genitals pose no physical harm to others, you have no right to rub them against strangers.

So the cop is driving down the street and starts having strange and unfamiliar feelings from the weed. He has no idea its weed. He has no idea whats going on, for all he knows its PCP or a stroke. I can see how this would be a frightening experience. He's a victim, and the justice system didn't recognize it. He has a right to be a little choked up.

Those punks are lucky he didn't step back in the kitchen and crush their faces with handle of his revolver. You don't mess with another man's food, punks.

To all you filth who say "that's what you gotta expect, being a cop". Remember that when your sister is being raped, or when someone beats you up and steals your weed. If the cop says to you "you're nothing but a burger flippin' loser w/ authority issues, tough luck", then hey, thats what ya gotta expect, being a vermin.
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