Acid Rain

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Acid Rain: A short film about a man who, over the phone, tries to stop his psychotic brother from going on a killing spree. Written and directed by Martin Malone. 10 minutes long. Mild language warning.

UPDATE:  In the comments, ted and cindy give me well-deserved rebukes for posting a film about a school shooting within days of the NIU shootings.  ted calls the post "Callous, insensitive, and ignorant to post this 3 days after a school shooting."  I can't argue with that.  I should have immediately thought of the NIU shootings when I watched this film and had the common sense and decency not to post it.  But I didn't think, and I'm sorry.

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Wow... I've just discovered this site searching for my film online. How on earth it ended up here I'll never know... I made the film 'Acid Rain' a few years ago now, when the now overly explored theme was more fresh. Interesting to read all your comments. All the best...MM.
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This blog is readed by people in every countries.

If you avoid a theme for a dead related to this teme in some place of the world you´ll never post anything.

I had to google niu shootings to heard about them.
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Wow, it was a good short film. And I don't think is completly detrimental. If you can think out of the box beyond the man was only crazy, you can tell more than just two brother, a guy who felt lonely and like many people in the word feel, and other who want to save his brother from doing something crazy. Well that it was I think.

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Hysteria, censorship, knee-jerk reaction.

Wow, go ahead and crucify us for our opinions. But you really should have read my (and Cindy's) other comments before you posted.

The film wasn't offensive - I thought it was a little lame. The timing of posting it was poor.
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Like Ted and Cindy, I also feel that completely synthetic representations of reality, such as a short film, are completely detrimental to society. Whenever such a film corresponds to an actual event to even a slight degree, I feel compelled to let everyone know that it made me feel bad. Because I am a real person with empathy and emotions please do not ever post things that have even a small bit to do with reality, and in the future please try and keep everything nice and satisfying and happy.

Thank you kindly.
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