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Actually that is quite a classy move.

His Rhodes scholarship attendance is about himself, his attendance at "The Game" is about responsibility to others.

Could not be forced at gun point to give a tuppeny f*ck about American football by the way.
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The Full Scottish, really does not have Haggis. It does however have Lorne sausage, a square flat version of the tubular staple,and a tattie scone, which was present in the pic but not mentioned. Tattie Scones, or potato scones are marvellous and a standard item in a FSB.

The Irish breakfast, or rather the Northern Irish Breakfast (The Ulster Fry) should be tried at least once in your life, probably the last thing you will ever try. But what a way to go.

There are blends of the different strains, in Liverpool England, a very Irish city, they actually have a weird meatloaf style thing,cut into strips that is called Ulster Fry but is not to be confused with THE Ulster Fry.

Suffice to say there is a reason for the appalling mortality rates between Scotland northern England and Ireland.

Mmmmmm Mortality.
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US currency comes storming into the 20th century.

Thing I do not understand is why are all bills the same colour and the same size?

Blind people use size to denote bill value , visually impaired use colour and size.

Here in Australia the notes are bright colours different sizes and plastic.

All of these features help when you are blind drunk.
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a friend of mine went to Edinburgh University, and was a member of the scifi club.

They got Iain M Banks to come and speak with them in a Q & A.

The last question was "What book should be taken out and shot?", without pausing he answered "Dianetcs".

A member of the ROTC or shooting club produced a hand gun and a copy of Dianetics from a hold all, they went outside and he shot the book.

It stopped the bullet point blank.

Banks bought it from them for a tidy sum and apparently still has it on his book shelves at home.
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Un-pasteurised milk is, or was at least, a TB vector. Oddly enough I think the raw milk thing is hippy twaddle.

Oh they are mad keen for all things organic, but if they get tb, so do you.
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No, I would disagree with any accusation of fakery, simply die to the stroke quality.

It's a Bic Fine Point, which can generate extraordinarily fine lines.

It is also not erasable.

All erasable ball point inks are seriously prone t smudging and never fully erase, so the paper at the supposed beginning would have been very badly marked.

Also the interior of the mouth back to the cervical verts looks good to me, the hard palette occludes the join of the spine to the base of the skull.

NOt my cup of tea, I don't really get that whole Mexican day of the dead stuff, but it is a great display of what can be done with the might Bic Fine line, which I adore.
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