Time-Lapse Pen Drawing

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This time-lapse video shows artist Paul Alexander Thornton drawing a detailed human skull with bic pens. The four and a half minute video represents two days of work.

via Nerdcore | Artist's Website (warning: music)

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Anyone know what kind of paper/canvas that was? It looks like a fibrous material that would accommodate ball point well. Whatever, I want a print for my party room.
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No, I would disagree with any accusation of fakery, simply die to the stroke quality.

It's a Bic Fine Point, which can generate extraordinarily fine lines.

It is also not erasable.

All erasable ball point inks are seriously prone t smudging and never fully erase, so the paper at the supposed beginning would have been very badly marked.

Also the interior of the mouth back to the cervical verts looks good to me, the hard palette occludes the join of the spine to the base of the skull.

NOt my cup of tea, I don't really get that whole Mexican day of the dead stuff, but it is a great display of what can be done with the might Bic Fine line, which I adore.
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Um, does no one know what a sugar skull is? It wouldn't be a sugar skull without the embellishments. By sugar skull standards, those embellishments are tame; which makes sense since it seems to be a more realistic take on the form.
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I think the criticism is valid.

Any artist who is worth their salt should be able to fake it and somehow get around the problem of showing the spinal column instead of a hug gap. If this were a tattoo, for example, he could have put the word "Mom" in the empty space.

It doesn't take any special understanding of art to show that this was a Vegas showgirl's skull. The roses and other doodads were tacky.
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Kudos to the artist, great piece of work.

And for a few semi-critics above, writing about roses and other picture details - this is an art, take it or leave it if you aren't even willing to understand it.
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