I Reverse Polish Notation Heart T-Shirt

I Reverse Polish Notation Heart T-Shirt - $9.95

Be still my geeky heart! Neatoramanaut Ana models this wonderfully geeky I Reverse Polish Notation Heart T-Shirt.

What's a Reverse Polish notation? It's a mathematical notation where the operator (e.g. +, -, x) follows the operands. Those of you who have the old HP-10C series calculator are probably nodding in nostalgia right now!


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@Margaryna, RPN can't be a single variable unless you're claiming very non-standard syntactic rules. Spaces are used as token delimiters, meaning "reverse", "polish", and "notation" are all separate tokens. For RPN to be a since variable, it would have to be written as "RPN" or "reverse-polish-notation" or use some other connectors to maintain it as a single token. To claim its a single variable in its current form is to imply context variable syntax rules for the language, which is not normal.
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To co chcecie wiedzie? po polsku? Ch?tnie Wam napisz?, poniewa? te? uwielbiam polsk? mow?, a szczególnie jak w Szczebrzeszynie chrz?szcz brzmi w trzcinie:)!
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Charles wrote:
>Sadly, this t-shirt isn't really correct. Reverse polish notation
>is stack based so this should be "I notation polish reverse <3"
Not true - RPN is one "variable" so it's correct as it is. It could be: "I, Reverse Polish Notation, <3".
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