50 Breakfasts From Around The World

In America, we love cereal and eggs and bacon, but every other country has their own classic breakfast and while some seem a little strange, others, like this English breakfast look utterly delicious. Learn what 50 other places eat for breakfast over at the link.


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The Full Scottish, really does not have Haggis. It does however have Lorne sausage, a square flat version of the tubular staple,and a tattie scone, which was present in the pic but not mentioned. Tattie Scones, or potato scones are marvellous and a standard item in a FSB.

The Irish breakfast, or rather the Northern Irish Breakfast (The Ulster Fry) should be tried at least once in your life, probably the last thing you will ever try. But what a way to go.

There are blends of the different strains, in Liverpool England, a very Irish city, they actually have a weird meatloaf style thing,cut into strips that is called Ulster Fry but is not to be confused with THE Ulster Fry.

Suffice to say there is a reason for the appalling mortality rates between Scotland northern England and Ireland.

Mmmmmm Mortality.
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@Sandyra again it depends who cooks the english breakfast. Some cook their eggs until the yolks are solid (yuk) others do them sunny side up with runny yolks (the right way). Toms? Always. Mushrooms? Likewise. Baked beans? Often. Fried bread? Wouldn't be breakfast without it. But hash browns? I didn't even know what they were until I was offered them in the US thirty years ago.

As for our bacon. Most of the bacon you get it Britain today has too much salt and too many preservatives and too much water. It tends to come from Holland or Denmark. It's not nice. You can still get proper british bacon though, smoked for preference.

Tea? Please no. Coffee outsells tea in britain and has done for some time. Tea is for the old folks.
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