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It gets off topic 75% in where they get into the 'gps crop farming' which always striked me as odd.

The unmanned drone with 4 pods is quite insane, one bullet for each person in a major city.
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These links across the internet these last few days about that study seem to be alarmist in that its 'the ipod gets you fried' when its 'adding extra conductive stuff to your head and getting hit by lightning is bad'
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Does that really look like a mobile home? Or a semi trailer. Infact the trailer portion dips down \_/ just after the doorway / storage area to accommodate the dish and the rear dish pivots from \/ to _| to move on the road.
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Well, renting guns is pretty common at a gunshop. Usually you give them your id card/license to home, some cash for the weapon, obviously some cash for ammunition, targets and hearing/eye protection. Unlikely bowling or something you can usually rent a gun for two people to use.

If your taking shooting lessons often this is the route you take with a instructor at a gunshop. Or before you buy a weapon.
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I have one of these and its pretty cool, the design is such that the head is actually positioned off center and to the side so its always in the above position peering over your shoulder. In needs a little padding otherwise yoda looks quite under fed.
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Note in the sales section (click the the paypal badge) that you can get extra dog slots for up to three dogs for your scooter.

Oh yeah, thats going to work out well.
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