Yoda Backpack.

Embrace your inner geek, ... er jedi with this trippin' Yoda plush backpack! You better be a good jedi, or you'll probably get beat up in school.


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whoa whoa whoa hold up her mr. great white shark think that only teen girls can wear them!?!?!?!? wake up and rethink that like 90% of star wars fans are men and when you go to disney world that is all you see them on. watch yo back. thats why im a girl and got a yoda backpack.
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Wow, hpavc. By "pretty cool" do you mean, "embarrassing" and "awkward"? These backpacks should exist solely for the enjoyment of pre-teen schoolgirls. But I do not judge. Much. I mean, who am I to talk? I've got a tattoo of a comic book character's emblem on my hip.
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I think a bear would beat me up for the hell of it, if I was caught in the woods wearing one of these yodas on my back...but maybe thats why our fella here is carrying his trusty plastic saber...to fend off any unnecessary taunts.
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I have one of these and its pretty cool, the design is such that the head is actually positioned off center and to the side so its always in the above position peering over your shoulder. In needs a little padding otherwise yoda looks quite under fed.
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