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Poor toad... I counted nine separate shots in front of a well composed high speed camera... As I doubt they had 9 or 10 cameras installed at various perfect locatoins, the chances are good this poor little guy fell (was tossed) past the camera more than two dozen times. The skeptic in me is reminded of lemmings... but I'll give BBC the benefit of the doubt that this might happen in nature.
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Most currency isn't worth the paper it's printed on... be it global, local or virtual. Believe in it - and it will serve you. Analyze it... Scrutinize it... and you'll find you're about as firm footed as Willie Coyote. "Yipe"
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Very creative, but I'm afraid if he used perfectly good private, state or city property - it's vandalism. On the other hand - I'm sure something like this could be funded or permission could be sought to make use of damaged cones and barriers in a way like this, rather than throw them away.
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