Infographic on Burger Chain Dominance

Channeling a Star Wars metaphor, Stephen Van Worley imagined a McDonald's empire in black with pockets of rebellion within by its seven largest competitors:
By far, the largest pocket of resistance is Sonic Drive-In’s south-central stronghold: more than 900 restaurants packed into the state of Texas alone.  Sheer density is the key to victory!

The rebels already have the numbers – over 24,000 locations in total – but they’ve divided and conquered themselves by strict adherence to the peacetime principles of brand identity and corporate structure.  This is war, and for the sake of self-preservation, all must be sacrificed!  Kings and Queens: get used to hanging with the common folk.  Tone down the sarcasm, Jack.  And everyone, please, stop yanking Wendy’s pigtails!  Y’all need to work in harmony to succeed with the winning strategy: an Alliance!

Link via Fast Company

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So THIS is why Sonic ads started blasting to us nationally starting during the Bush administration. A lot of Texas companies tried to increase their profile during the Bush years.

I always wondered why Sonic would waste national advertising money when they really aren't located within 600 miles from the stations i see them advertising on.

Having never been to a Sonic i didn't associate them with Texas and Oklahoma but here is the data plain as day. And now I see that the ads they ran did have an Austin hipster vibe to them.
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For the longest time I used to yearn to go to Sonic. There wasn't any near me. Everything looked good on their commercials. Finally, on a trip to Florida I found a near-by Sonic and ordered a cherry lime-ade and some kind of burger. They were both terrible. The lime-ade was all water with a cherry in it and the burger was undercooked and dripping with some sort of bland sauce. IT was the worst expectation to reality juxtaposition of my fast food life.
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