How to Start and Drive a Model T

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If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to drive a Ford Model T {wiki}, keep in mind that they were a bit different from modern cars. Who knew it had three pedals, none of which was an accelerator? Henry Ford Estate volunteer Ed Hebb takes you through the process. -via Metafilter

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Greenfield Village, AKA The Henry Ford, still offers rides in cars as well as a bus or two. For the car rides there is usually a wait of about 1/2 an hour, depending on the day, month, time you go. If you don't want to wait, the best time to get there and take your ride is when it opens.
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Model T's get about 20 mpg, but the downside is that's at a speed of about 45 mph which is not bad considering.

As i recall, in Greenfield Village which is next to the Henry Ford Museum, they sold rides in Model T cars. You could pay for one of these older drivers to give you a whole tour. (this was back in the early 80's, I don't know if they have them now.)
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You should see some of the strange controls on early cars, though the Model T's controls were partly an artifact of its inexpensive production and design process, not only that but the car was designed to be sold to those who had never driven before. Hence its planetary transmission, standard transmissions of the time had no synchronization and were quite difficult to master. By the time the twenties rolled around though the modern clutch-brake-throttle arrangement had become popular, though many cars still had hand throttles, chokes, and manual advance/retard on the steering wheel.
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