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He's 11. This is pretty much his last chance to fart loudly in front of a bunch of people in a hilarious way. He'll stop farting loudly when impressing girls becomes more important. The only lesson he'll learn from this is that humorless, power-tripping jerks with authority can and will do whatever they want to you if they don't personally like you.
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I admit, I've tried it, too. No buzz, just hurt lungs. Some kids will smoke anything when access to things worth smoking are limited, but I'm sure some questionable "legal highs" document I found on the internet told me it was worth it. It could have been worse; I knew kids in high school who "tripped" on highly toxic Jimson seeds (aka Datura or Devil's Trumpet).
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That's a pretty docile baboon. I'd imagine they're awfully bitey when somebody captures one, unless they were "capturing" a trained one. Though I think fakery in nature shows is becoming less popular, it used to be the norm. (I also don't buy that there was some secret underground lake that nobody knew about except the baboons).
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Seeing the ocean in person makes me feel insignificant. This graphic produces a similar effect.

And really, the whole ocean is a tiny, infinitesimally small speck in the universe.

Makes you feel pretty small, doesn't it?
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They should just import some toad-eating snakes, followed by mongooses (mongeese?) to take care of the snakes, and then whatever eats mongooses to take care of them. Problem solved.
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A woman had her child taken from her and given to her deadbeat ex because she was in my particular religious group (The Chuch of The SubGenius). She had lengthy and expensive court proceedings, and only recently got the kid back when her ex was convicted of drunk driving or some such. Google subgenius magdalen custody or something.
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I watched that several times, crazy funny, indeed.

I think Grim is right, except I think he kicked it on purpose. In the dark, it would look like when he failed at kicking the ball right, the other balls attacked him.
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