Farting on School Bus Sent Kid to Detention

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11-year-old Christian Summers, like many kids (and adults, for that matter), think that passing gas is funny. But not the school bus driver lady, no siree!

According to his school bus driver, he also thinks passing gas is fun. She didn't find his flatulence so funny.

"She's like, 'I'm gonna sign you up. I'm gonna sign you up'. I'm like, 'It was an accident," said Summers.

For letting it rip on the ride home, Christian was slapped withn an hour of detention at Thoreau Park Elementary.

"I thought it was pretty dumb," said Summers.

It seems breaking wind is now breaking the rules. The detention slip reads, quote "Thinks it's funny to pass gas while on the van. I've told him it's not funny, nor polite to the others in the van. While others scream, he laughs."

But what does a kid do when he's got to fart?

Christian now fears his flatulence. If he's caught passing gas on the bus again, he could get four or five days of detention.

"Depends on how much more gas he has," said his father.

Now he's secretive when letting one slip on his small school bus.

"When I have to pass gas, I have to cover myself because it won't stink up the bus," said Christian.

Emily Valdez of Fox News has the story: Link - via Arbroath

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holding in farts is unhealthy, and if done long enough it can poison your intestines and you could die of cancer.
definitely do not give a kid detention for his natural body functions.
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I recently quit my job as a school-age daycare teacher and bus driver (not for this reason) and completely agree with the driver. I had to pull my bus over on many occasions because of disruptive behavior that interfered with my ability to SAFELY transport them on the bus, and for this private daycare, safety was supposedly the #1 priority.

I also had one 8 year old student who thought it was funny to run up to other children and fart next to them. At one point he received a threat from another student that he'd be beat up if he did it again. It did not happen (because I intervened), but it is easy to see how such behavior can escalate.
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I agree with Craig.
And as a school bus driver I can say that writing him up was apparently that driver's "last straw".

I tell my kids, if they feel gassy, at least open a window. That way we dont have to sit in their stink, when they do fart. Trying to explain how rude and impolite it is to make others suffer your gaseoue emissions does not work. So I resort to explaining it as particles of poo. When you breathe in a fart, you are breathing in tiny particles of poo.

@ Molly - the school sticking by the driver, probably has nothing to do with it. It will be the bus contractor.
And it is disruptive. As a driver, we are already watching the road, the traffic around us, the kids who are already disobeying the rules, the loud kids..etc... when kids shriek because another one farts, you do not know if maybe a wasp has stung a child or there is a fight? And usually a shriek from a child can cause a "jerk" reaction, which can be dangerous itself.
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