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It looks like works better as a sculpture that it would work as furniture. I've seen more comfortable looking church pews. Maybe furniture doesn't have to be comfortable if it is arty enough.
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I'm not a big fan of the "look at my motherboard" windows in the case and cold cathode tube, but he did a nice job on it anyway. It looks like it could potentially be quiet with the large exhaust fan at the top.
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Just how many guns does one household need? 1 .22 caliber for small game, one larger caliber rifle for larger game, one shotgun for poultry, one rifle and one handgun for target shooting- that's a good multi purpose selection of firearms that's going to fit in a pretty small cabinet.
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So the neighbors only had to hear the damned reverse beepers on the construction vehicles for 6 days? Good deal! The apartment building across the street from me took 11 months.
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I like the color scheme and I like that she doesn't have gigantic spherical anime type breasts. If you refine the idea you should give her a little bigger waist.

Some people are always going to be offended by an image of a sexy woman but don't worry too much about offending easily offended people.
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Those who scoff at this idea on the basis of the logistics of space travel are neglecting to consider that other species may be using modes of transportation as unimaginable to us a a nuclear powered ion propulsion engine would be to a stone age man pulling a travois.
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If you think about what people with more advanced technology have done to people with less advanced technology throughout human history, Mr Hawking makes a very good point.
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@April: "Shenanigans!" :P

I can see how the guy would think to follow the dog, the way it changed direction and started running as if it wanted to be folloed.
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