Gun Safe with a Powered Rotating Racks

Gun safes are normally built with fixed racks for long arms and shelves for handguns. As a result, the firearm that a user wishes to remove may be at the back, behind several others. Bruce Pendleton was dissatisfied with this arrangement and so built a gun safe that has electrically-powered lazy susan racks and counters.

Product Link and Video via Born Rich

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Seems to complex (all that rotating thingy stuff).

That's why we leave all our guns on the kitchen counter.

Of course we put the ammo safely away in the kitchen drawers to protect the young'ens.
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One .22, long gun, one semi auto like an AK or Ar 15, one carry pistol, one target pistol, one high powered rifle with a scope, one short barreled shot gun, one, er, never mind, if I need more than that, I'll just borrow something from a neighbor.
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Of course nobody "needs" a rotating rack full of guns. Most people I know, myself included, who shoot regularly, own more guns than are "necessary" and we need a safe place to keep them. I won't deny that there are total crazies out there, but some of us just like the sport of shooting. I suggest everyone try it at least once. Alway be safe and remember that you are responsible for anything that gun does when it is in your hand.
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