BYOB Party for Breastfeeding Moms

When should a man steer clear of a BYOB party with lots of babes? When BYOB stands for "Bring Your Own Boobz" - yes, a home party for breastfeeding moms:

The parties are strictly BYOB. But the place will be littered with babes, without any alcohol in sight.

That's because these are BYOBoobz parties -- yes, as in mammary glands. And the home parties are designed to give support, guidance and a few free goodies to new breast-feeding moms, as part of a mission to help them overcome the "booby traps" associated with nursing.

Lisa Holewa of AOL News has all the titillating details: Link

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Many years ago I was a councilor for a local group of nursing (breastfeeding) mothers. Germ-laden restrooms are not appropriate for breastfeeding. Our advice for discreet breastfeeding was to cover the chest, arm and infant with a small lightweight blanket. The infant was less distracted and passers-by less offended. We told the mothers to explain to any curious person that the baby was sleeping. I remember one young mother who worried that her infant's noisy breastfeeding would be overheard. Our advice-sing.
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It's more a case of being offended by those who make a big deal of the feeding. Most feeding is done diecreetly. It's just the few bad melons that spoil it for the rest.

I think it also has a little to do with the attitude of smug superiority some breastfeeders have - kinda like vegetarians who have to let you know they're vegetarians, and you're a horrible person for eating meat.
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I agree with Matt. I'm not quite sure how this is disgusting. I guess it's the same people that find naked mannequins objectionable. Something about the way they were raised I assume. Freaking weird. I probably wouldn't even notice it.

Maybe the sight of a woman breastfeeding her baby bridges that gap between human and animal and that scares some people.
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