Breastfeeding a Calf

Well, if you think about it, many of us drink cow's milk, so this Indian villager is just returning the favor:

Since the death of the calf's mother when it was only three days old, Chouthi Bai has breastfed the animal three or four times a day.

"After her mother died, I held her in my arms and breastfed her. I nurtured her by feeding her my milk. She was so young when the cow died. For me there is no difference between a calf and an infant," Bai, a resident of Kilchu village in India's desert state of Rajasthan, said on Saturday.

Link [video clip in the article shows breastfeeding in action] - Thanks Tiffany!

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Well, at least I didn't call it bestiality, lolwut. That's taking it a little too seriously.

Besides, if you don't like reading my comments, just skip over 'em. Every time you see that icon, just pass on by.
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kirby, it's nice that she values life, but it's sad that she sees no difference between the life of a cow and a human life.

I don't for one moment take her at her word, and if she really means what she's saying, then it is sad.

She devalues life when she considers animals and humans as equal.

Yes, it is a nice, mushy thing for her to do, but one wonders why they couldn't find a nursing cow for the calf, where cows are apparently in such abundance. The woman seems a little eccentric.
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Cows aren't exactly sacred in India, although it depends on where you are and what your definition of sacred is.

Although I do find this weird, I think it's great actually...
While another commenter said it's "sad that "there's no difference between a calf and an infant"", I think the point here is being missed.

This woman values LIFE, wether it's an infant or cow or whatever. She is doing what she can to help this calf. It's mother died and this woman has the compassion to try and nurture it. That's wonderful. Even though the method is kinda gross to my brain. Nevertheless, it reflects something about human nature and our capacity to love and care for other beings.

So there's my mushy comment for the day! :)
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