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As a teacher I wanted to add that when kids pull this kind of thing it's disruptive to the class (or whatever environment they're in). They'll all be working quietly, behaving themselves, and then someone lets one rip and it stinks to high heaven and everyone around him has to cause a scene. And the kid who caused the problem thinks it's HILARIOUS. Meanwhile, I have to spend 10 minutes getting them all back on task.

I've been in this situation where the student has been repeatedly warned not to disrupt the class with inappropriate and rude actions and they just keep doing it. And while this isn't a classroom, a school bus full of kids acting up can be just as dangerous.

I hope the school sticks by this bus driver.
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My husband went to the University of Maryland and there's an all night diner (Plato's) just a couple blocks south of the campus where we would get this whenever I came to visit (I craved midnight pancakes on a regular basis so we went to that diner a lot).

Only they called it Hobo Fries. We did feel like hobos when we ate it.
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Very interesting...physics...blah blah blah

HOW WEAK IS THAT COFFEE!!!??? These are SPACE? They probably worked like dogs their entire lives to get there, can't we get them a better cup of joe?

I guess NASA has to cut their costs somewhere, but I bet Starbucks would pay a hefty fee to be "The Coffee of Astronauts".
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Here is my problem with this...customers eating MORE food doesn't help people dying of hunger.

If I eat all the food served to me or only a portion of food served to me, starving people are still starving. So why should I eat more than my fill?

Maybe the better answer would be for the restaurant owner to take a portion of the money she makes and donate it to groups who are helping solve hunger, not to scold her customers.
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We're just 5 minutes from Baltimore Washington Airport and we, too, have shoveled out twice. A plow got stuck outside our house last night, so stuck that ANOTHER PLOW had to come tow it out. It's pretty nuts. We're just happy we never lost our power.

Being a teacher I've been off the whole week, so getting to work was never a worry for me. While the shoveling has gotten pretty old, it's actually been kind of nice to be able to stay home and catch up on some things around the house. And we've finally met some of our neighbors, since we just moved into our house 5 months ago.
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That seemed pretty cool...up until I read that it's completely clear and you can SEE the body inside. That part is just creepy. To see it spinning around as it's drilled into the earth would remind me of...well...those spinning dessert cases they have in diners, only with a dead person inside.

If they could figure out a way to make it so that a fairly normal looking casket could be placed into the middle of a giant screw and buried upright, I'd be a little more on board.
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During Christmas when there were Christmas cookies everywhere I was completely addicted to dipping chocolate chip cookies in my morning coffee. I don't know that's weird but it was heavenly...
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My husband is a salt addict. We're always joking that he may be part deer and should have a salt lick on the coffee table.

I think I smell birthday present here. Happy Birthday honey! I got you high blood pressure!
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My sculpture professor in college designed the mask Lecter wears when he's strapped to the hand-truck. Kind of cool...but one of my least favorite professors ever.
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Having looked at the list of movies he's done music for, Choke is the only one I've seen, so it's probably that. Unfortunately, it's not on the Choke soundtrack on iTunes, so I can't be sure.
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If anyone knows what movie they use this music in (or who sings it or the name of the song) please say so! Creepy and totally pretty at the same time! I want to download it!
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When I was in college an e-mail was sent out saying that a car was stolen similarly to the beer can thing. But in the instance I heard about, the driver got in, started the car, began to back out of the space and noticed a flyer on the back window when they started in reverse. When they got out to get the flyer of the window, the thief would jump in the drivers seat and drive off.

The moral of the story was, if you saw a flyer in your back window and your keys are in the ignition, just leave it and let the wind blow it off.
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I definitely remember seeing that cartoon when I was little...repeatedly, and I was little in the late 80s/early 90s. I just can't remember where I saw it, whether it was on a video or on TV. At some point I guess they unbanned it? Or somebody snuck it in somewhere.
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I noticed cups of yogurt have gotten a LOT smaller since the summer. Where I shop the price has gone down slightly, but it's still pretty close to what it was before the downsize.
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