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I wonder if she adopted the whole litter. The puppies don't look anything like her and somehow there is a kitten in there. I wish they would have tried to at least explain how the kitten got into that mix.
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just buy a shelf and some pots for $20 if you really want fresh herbs that badly. Or maybe promote economic stimulation and buy from local farmers.
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Slavic Europe Grandfather Frost has a sweet getup in that picture, I wish American Santa dressed that well. Santa just has a red suit trimmed with white fur and chili dog stains.
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I really like this. It is probably made more for novelty purposes rather than optimal performance, there is no need to 'upgrade' it. That's like taking a jeep and saying "yea it's cool, but I bet I could make it better by putting doors on it."
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I really don't find this to be worth that much money, even if it was accidentally pressed, though how bronze got mixed with steel it a decent question. Good for the charity though.
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Both teacher and students are wrong in this situation. I know a lot of instructors that do not write their own tests but most of them are not good teachers. Last I checked plaigerism is cheating and there are strict rules that instructors must follow when using written material. This guy could loose his job for pointing out all the kids cheated. Either way, though, the students still cheated.
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Wow, seriously three hours of scrubbing a turkey with bleach. People can ingest very small amounts after being diluted in water and waiting about 20 minutes but who srsly doesn't know bleach is harmful when eaten?
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I read about this somewhere also and I guess he used his statistics skills to calculate that 200 students had cheated. Guess the error margin was a little higher than that.
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Uhg, China. In most other countries if headlines say that America is demonizing their countries I would dismiss it as the media blowing things out of proportion but the things I have heard about China's government lately, make me feel like this is just propaganda. Their government system is so messed up to it's people and this is a psychological way to keep the citizens subordinate to their government (not saying American government doesn't do it too).
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