Windowfarms Project Hydroponic Garden

This farm hangs in a window and uses plastic bottles, a pump and irrigation system. A nutrient solution feeds the plants. Urban apartment dwellers can grow almost anything in a Windowfarm, as long as it is not a root vegetable. Herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and squash are all good candidates.  Prices run from $140 to $240.

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Wow, there sure seem like there are a lot of negative people commenting. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. But if you want something that's already designed for you to look good, be productive, and increase awareness among people about self sufficiency and eco friendliness, then this is a great product. I bet you that people that start their own hydroponic window farms are going to be more mindful to purchase their remaining food requirements from farmers markets and local farmers for sure. It's not just a tool to make a salad, its a tool to change the way we think, and to keep a reminder in front of us about being environmentally conservative.
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just buy a shelf and some pots for $20 if you really want fresh herbs that badly. Or maybe promote economic stimulation and buy from local farmers.
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2. land or water devoted to the raising of animals, fish, plants, etc.

Looks like a farm to me.

I've been a follower of Windowfarms for a few years now and it really is an amazing project. It's "open source" allowing people to customize their farm and share their results and designs with others.

There are 13,000 members, many of which are able to produce about one salad per week throughout the winter just with a single window farm. While one salad a week doesn't sound world changing, the project as a whole is definitely doing something amazing.
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