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Toxic and expensive? Perfect! Let's inject it into a tree. wtf? Won't this disrupt the photosynthetic process by turning the chlorophyll red? If not, wouldn't the toxicity of the powder kill the leaves and, in turn, killing the tree? If not, that's just more toxins we do not need flowing into the water system when the leaves fall off. How about we spend money on the homeless before we try making trees glow.
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It is unquestionably cheating, clearly by it's own definition. It's not ethical but could be utilized logically given the correct means. I think it would be fine maybe once in a college career, when someone has too much on their plate, someone has died, etc; but even out of the realm of ethics this is illogical on any students part if used for a majority/all assignments. It may make it easy for the student and allow them to graduate, but if they learn nothing and graduate to attain a career in their field of 'study' then they will fail in the professional world. It doesn't matter what one's grades look like if they cannot be applied to the profession they are essentially training for.
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I don't know why this was bought for such a high sum. It is old in age but it doesn't seem to be an out of the ordinary piece for Chinese art. The Chinese must know something about it's importance.
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I think this proves evolution exists. There is no way god would put those into that, unless he is just as big of a freak as every man on the internet.
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I don't know how I feel about this study. I used photoshop to give the left guy the same yellow tone and the one on the right is still more attractive. Plus, redness makes me think of a fat sweaty guy and yellow makes me think of jaundice, both not signs of virility. Maybe the guys with red and yellow skin were just physically better looking than all of their pasty counterparts.
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