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I have a great app for my android that gives an automated response when people text me (when driving or whatever.) It also reads the incoming text to me.
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I can't imagine wearing this at the beach, or in a car for that matter (think of the bumps!) However, 15 years ago, I burned the back of my leg off and needed a skin graft. I couldn't get out of bed for a month. I also slipped a disc a few years ago, and again, was bedridden for weeks. I own a low-resolution lcd projector and was able to project movies on the ceiling above my head so I could watch them comfortably, either by myself or with well wishers (who lay on the floor.) Having been through that, if I ever knew someone who was bedridden, I'm sure this would be a great comfort to them.
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Um... for those who don't know, the WWN is famous for articles about UFO's and aliens having sex with soap opera stars and the like...
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The freeze-frame here implies that they've creating a static shape in the water, and they didn't. They can create waves which - in one moment - forms a shape. Impressive, but not mind blowing.
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Boy scouts or not, an agreement that says no volunteers is an agreement that says no volunteers. And the union aren't targeting the Eagle Scout, (the article states this but the tone implies otherwise,) they're targeting the city for breaking that agreement.
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