What Kind of a Facebook Friend Are You?

What kind of a Facebook friend are you? David wrote this interesting list of classification as a note over yonder at the Neatorama Facebook Fan page:

H) The Networker

This is the friend whose main purpose on Facebook is to build a list he can tap when he needs to for work/career. You know these friends because they only message you with e-mails that read “So you still over at Viacom?”

I) The OverPoker

No need to explain this one, right?

J) The Get-A-Lifer

This is the hardcore friend who has nothing better to do but subscribe and follow you via SMS.

K) The Attention Seeker

This is the friend who posts status updates that are purposely vague, and therefore beg for a comment. Their status is all about getting you to respond, getting attention, getting sympathy. "Lori is scared, but hopes everything works out..."

I'm S) The Silent Stalker. How about you? Link

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How did you miss having categories for people whose updates are invariable some sort of political soapboxing? Or the people who only ever blither about their religion?
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I'd say Silent Stalker, except that I never actually "friended" the vast majority of the people on my friends list...I don't accept total strangers, but for some reason most of my high school friended me (after they spat on me in school? I don't know)...I just watch them and am fascinated as to what counts as big news for some.
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These days I'm the Silent Stalker too :) Before I was the photo commenter.

Ugh, I really, really dislike those attention seekers. I have one on my Facebook friends list - always pretend to put on a brave face but whining nevertheless.
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