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AT&T produced this documentary about what happens when overconfident drivers think they can multitask -sending text messages while driving. It's not worth it. -via Metafilter

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Those people are dumbasses, why would anyone ever text while driving near other cars? And why are the people in this video so lame that they send thousands of texts all the time instead of actually talking to people?

and Elnots: that's so impressive that you could send texts on the old analog cell phones from the 90s!
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I've been behind several drivers who are weaving madly all over the 3-lanes of traffic, then pulled up beside them to see that they weren't drunk at all..just multi-tasking on their cellphones.

Being a "good driver" doesn't mean you don't get into an accident. It also means you don't CAUSE any accidents.

Besides, if I'm driving, I'm bizzy. Leave a message and I'll call you back. I got better stuff to do besides say "LOL" and flip my damn vehicle into a semi because you're talking about last night's date.
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Can't see how it compares to saying bad things about someone at their funeral.

I have seen people using their phone while driving, and their driving suffers. I have used a phone while inside a car, and have no idea how I could possibly drive safely while using that phone. It's like reading a book.

Yes, there are a million possible distractions, but this is one that is happening a lot because of people who think they can do it safely. That's the reason for the video, even if you think it's melodramatic. I don't know if I'd call defending a dangerous practice a common-sense scenario.
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Everyone thinks they're better than average drivers, better than average multi-taskers, better than average whatnot. It's total BS.

There should be SERIOUS jail time for texting while driving. Serious.
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