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There are a few good ones, but overall they are not that realistic (which wasn't the point of that article at the link anyway).

If you want more stuff like this, you should visit cgtalk, it's filled with amazing 3d and 2d art from pros. There's all kinds of art, and goes from cartoony to super realistic stuff. I'm no artist but whenever I go there I can easily waste 3 hours without realizing it. What's even better, is that you can often see the progress the artists made until they got to the final result, many of them document their work a lot, with images from early sketches to close to finished. (if it's your first time there, start with the Choice Gallery categories)
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Once it is perfected, it sounds like it could be a neat tool for serial killers. You put your victims in here until they look like they've been dead for many years before you were even born. Then laugh at police who are trying to figure out the time of death. "I wasn't born when it happened" is a pretty good alibi. Even better, hide many 100+ years dead corpses in a big city, at places where it's impossible that nobody would not have discovered for so long, then watch the news for a couple weeks as the media goes crazy.

I should be a writer for that "Dexter" show.
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I don't live in the same city as my parents, so when I see them I usually make the effort to at least not do the running away part.
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I just close my eyes, cover my ears and start screaming while counting up... I usually open an eye to have a peek when I'm around 15 seconds and most times the other person is gone. However, sometimes people don't know how to react and will stand there and stare at me, unable to process what is going on. If by 30 seconds (second peek) the person is still there, I'll start running away as fast as I can while still covering my ears and counting (eyes should be open at that point tho, I tried with eyes closed once and it didn't end well, I was stuck with the person for 20 minutes until ambulance arrived). If by 45 seconds the person followed me when I ran away, well by then they deserve a conversation, so I'll stop running and screaming and just invite them to my house for coffee. Not a lot of people come to my house.
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Hello people that are somehow annoyed by the article. I assume you are rich and somehow feel attacked by the article because it implies that you have no heart. Also, I could be wrong but the article seems to talk about low-income people, not lazy-people-without-jobs. There's quite a difference there. You are generalizing, so I'm also generalizing; You have no heart!

I just find it funny that every time there's an article with statistics or some study results, this always happens. I guess when people personally disagree with a study when seeing the results, it's obviously because the study is biased or dumb, and there is absolutely no way it can be true.

A study, no matter how big it is, is still just a study and is not universal truth.

Personally I find it NEAT that low-income people are more generous, and that is all.
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