Parkour by PhilyDee and Kie Willis

It's been a while since we posted about Parkour. Here's freerunners PhilyDee and Kie Willis doing their stuff in Cambridge, England. How do you think he got himself out of the tight spot at the end?

[YouTube Clip]

But before you say "I can do that," take a look at the bloopers. Ouch! You'll probably kill yourself, mmkay?

[YouTube Clip]

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I was torn between watching them climb a wall and looking away for fear of seeing their teenage buttcracks. You'd think saggy pants would actually pose a danger in those routines.

Anyway, the second vid was just horrifying.
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As a person involved in building maintenance, what I see here is a lot of damage being done because they're too ignorant and selfish to think of the consequences of their actions. See how our hero slams his weight into the finely carved stonework of a fifteenth century church. How many repeat impacts before pieces break off?

The church is St Mary the great, Cambridge,by the way.
If the idiots are students, then this video would be enough to end their university careers.

Yes, I'm impressed at their athletic skills, but the structures they're slamming into, jumping off, scrambling over, are not, in the main, designed to take the loads they're imparting without damage.
Yet they won't even know it, when the repair bills start coming in.
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