The Four Levels of Social Entrapment

Unspoken social rules make normal interaction with other people difficult -especially with someone you really don't want to interact with in the first place. Or if you like the other person, but have nothing to say. And there are other situations that can become painfully awkward. You've been there. I certainly have. Link

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right, because they've got the exclusive rights to intentionally crudely drawn comics on the internet?

i've read the entirety of both the oatmeal and hyperbole and a half. they are not the same, nor is one a 'rip off' of the other. they are sovereign entities.

how's *your* awesome website that you make enough money to live off of going?

that's what i thought.
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I just close my eyes, cover my ears and start screaming while counting up... I usually open an eye to have a peek when I'm around 15 seconds and most times the other person is gone. However, sometimes people don't know how to react and will stand there and stare at me, unable to process what is going on. If by 30 seconds (second peek) the person is still there, I'll start running away as fast as I can while still covering my ears and counting (eyes should be open at that point tho, I tried with eyes closed once and it didn't end well, I was stuck with the person for 20 minutes until ambulance arrived). If by 45 seconds the person followed me when I ran away, well by then they deserve a conversation, so I'll stop running and screaming and just invite them to my house for coffee. Not a lot of people come to my house.
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"The Four Levels of Social Entrapment"

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