monkeyjones's Comments ok, i confess, i can see your point. i suppose that because i make dolls (mainly monkeys)i am looking at them from a different angle. like in a cool diorama of the Golden Girls kitchen. they're clearly not for everyone - but i really do appreciate the skill. i'm sorry they're nightmare fuel for you...i only wish that a Bea Arthur doll lurching toward me was the worst of my nightmares '~'

also, i'd seriously love to see that doll your aunt made. sweet dreams fellow Neatoramanaut. just remind yourself that The Golden Girls are (most likely) slower and older than you. you should be able to easily defeat them in dreams or otherwise. i think so, anyway...
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i don't think they're creepy at all. they're not supposed to be a Barbie substitute for little girls. those took a lot of skill to make and i hate to see them dismissed as creepy just because they're not Barbie's. they're all good likenesses - but the Bea Arthur doll really is spot on.
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i've been looking for something like this since i got my australian shepherd 2 years ago. we take her for a walk or hike everyday - but she still needs a 'job'. i didn't know what that meant until we got her. these working-dog breeds are driven to work and accomplish things, but there are only so many things i can think of for her to do. this place would be like heaven for a herding dog - i wish there was one in my area.
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'Centrifugal' is one of mine - when reading, i pronounced it 'cen-tri-FYOO-gal'. as my mom says, i kinda put the em-PHA-sis on the wrong sy-LA-ble. it's one of those words that took me a long while to put the pronounciation together with the word. the ep-i-PHANY is a strong as great as the 'inner cringe' is bad.

'Inertia' is another one. hooked on phonics is a scam!

oh, and @julie g...i just learned how to pronounce 'Seamus' because of your comment.
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@ O, i guess it's just the long drawn out decomposition that gets me. with organ donation, they take 'em out while you're still nice and fresh and then off you go to be buried/cremated. it just sounds better to me than to have them assessing how long it takes for the maggots to get to me and such like.
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note to self: body farms = great place to dump dead bodies.

but seriously...even though it's for a good cause/reason i just can't imagine donating my body for that kind of research. thankfully there are those that do, but...ewww, ick, shiver, blarf, ahhh, nooo!...i couldn't
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it is because i read this story as a kid, that i always call for help when witnessing an event that requires it. even if i see other people on cell phones - i don't assume they're calling for help...they could just be calling a friend. a few times i've called 911 and they have told me that someone has already reported this and help is enroute. they then thank me for calling and that's it. don't worry about duplicating calls - worry about the fact that perhaps no one else has called in yet.
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several vomit scenarios have been covered here - but i'd like to add this one anyway. it's when you're laying on your back and lifting the baby up and down and he vomits on you. i happened to get a mouthful once when i brought my nephew in for a kiss. anyone else - or was it just me?
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