Owners Rent Flocks For Bored Collies

Border collies are compulsive herders and have an intense instinct to organize sheep.
They sometimes search for livestock behind the television when sheep appear on screen, says Geri Byrne, owner of the Border Collie Training Center, in Tulelake, Calif. Left unoccupied, they'll dig up the garden, chew up the doggie bed or persecute the cat.

They are not content to be lap dogs and require homes that can indulge their herding instinct.  This breed needs to exercise their athleticism, intelligence, and strong work ethic. If owners cannot run the dogs frequently they can rent a flock of sheep to keep them occupied and to short circuit the boredom that can lead to destructive behavior. Fido's Farm in Washington allows the dogs to practice on the farm's 200-head flock of sheep for a $15.00 fee per dog.

Link - Via Metafilter

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A friend of mine had a border collie who would herd people at parties. Eventually, everyone attending would realize they were all in the same room together. They'd disperse again, only to be unconsciously herded up over the next hour.
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Well, if this "herd-renting" thing can keep a dog from being turned into a shelter for "misbehaving" that's great but it's not a substitute for making a well-informed, educated choice when deciding on the breed of dog you want for a pet. Hopefully the sheep owners are teaching people how to look for breed characteristics that fit their lifestyle if they find a customer of theirs is in need of such advice.
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