Sculpted Celebrity Dolls

Alesia Newman-Breen sculpts dolls as characters from movies, TV, and literature. Each doll is one-of-a-kind and captures the look of the subject in a way no mass-produced doll can.She also does custom dolls that look like people you know! Link -via Nag on the Lake

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Newest 5 Comments ok, i confess, i can see your point. i suppose that because i make dolls (mainly monkeys)i am looking at them from a different angle. like in a cool diorama of the Golden Girls kitchen. they're clearly not for everyone - but i really do appreciate the skill. i'm sorry they're nightmare fuel for you...i only wish that a Bea Arthur doll lurching toward me was the worst of my nightmares '~'

also, i'd seriously love to see that doll your aunt made. sweet dreams fellow Neatoramanaut. just remind yourself that The Golden Girls are (most likely) slower and older than you. you should be able to easily defeat them in dreams or otherwise. i think so, anyway...
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The things nightmares are made of mr. monkeyjones. Freaking nightmares. It has nothing to do with not looking like some sexy Barby. They're freaky. Freaky as hell.

One of my aunts made a doll that looks just like me when I was about 5 years old. Gives me chills, damnit.
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i don't think they're creepy at all. they're not supposed to be a Barbie substitute for little girls. those took a lot of skill to make and i hate to see them dismissed as creepy just because they're not Barbie's. they're all good likenesses - but the Bea Arthur doll really is spot on.
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