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At the IKEA I go to, I enter through the exit, walk against the flow of traffic, and use 5 shortcuts to get to the restaurant in like 3 minutes. Eat some meatballs, walk out through the marketplace sections, thereby avoiding all the furniture sections that don't have anything I want to buy.

No one is forcing you to follow the arrows on the ground. You don't have to walk through the entire store if you don't want to.
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Dear Fran Alvarez:

Fuck you, you rich, rich, rich idiot. You STILL make more money than most people in America. You don't have to buy scratchy toilet paper. You just need to stop buying things without thinking about them. Quit acting like you're poor. You're still very rich.


Everyone who makes like 1/4 of what your husband currently makes, but still buys nice toilet paper
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Ack, the eyes and the mouth are what MAKES someone look real. All the emotions are tied up there. I mean, good job on totally pwning on the nose and chin and whatever else the boring parts of the face are, but there's no way I'd look at that and even for a second think it was real.
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hahahha, artists try and make art, end up making product that's been around for ever. If they kept "making" pre-existing products, then THAT would be art.

Or maybe it would just be funny.
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"Farrell said that had the flight crew been more patient and understanding, the situation might not have escalated."

If they'd been more patient and understanding? Sheesh, it's not YOUR plane, it's a plane with like hundreds of people who need to get somewhere on time. If you have an autistic kid, then it's your responsibility to prepare the flight attendants, to prepare the pilot, to get a seat that's as far away from people as possible, and to NOT CRY if you know it's going to set your kid off.
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A fish and a whale are not visually the same, come on. The picture shown looks nothing like what people think of when they think of lizards. If you go and find a lizard and cut off its legs, it will not look like the picture shown. The picture shown looks like a snake.

If you want to say that biologically this should be classified as a lizard, that's totally believable. If you want to say that it doesn't look exactly like a snake, you're kidding yourself.
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That's a lizard like a tomato is a fruit. I mean, I'm sure there's some scientific reason why that is classified as a lizard, but it really doesn't look like a lizard with no legs at all.
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Yeah, hahahah, it should have been:

1) Find a random woman on the street.
2) Ask that woman to introduce the film crew to a more beautiful friend.
3) She will be the most beautiful woman in Italy.
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I think people are severely underestimating the number of homeless people who are not:

1) insane
2) on the run from the law in a serious way
3) alcoholics or drug addicts

Doing what he did becomes exponentially harder when you are any of those three things. My personal experience leads me to believe that the majority of homeless people can't do what he did, because they have to overcome things that he did not.
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