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I actually recall seeing this,maybe in two different segments, but it was longer and not just the excerpts of the incidents.
I recall some OSHA videos that had the actual images. The ring extrusions and degloved hands were always the most fascinating to see.
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You can still get the Cheetos Paws (in shape only). The colmillos flavor from Cheetos Mexico.
They also have a newer one called poffets. They are like puffs.
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I filmed this when they were still constructing it.
I have to correct this though, since it's installation it has become worn due to the weather and the snow plows. You can still hear the song, but in about a year the road will need maintenance, and neither the highway department or county will spend money on repairing that.
This is also a section of road where bicyclist ride (one has been killed), so encouraging people to drive towards the edge of the road to hear a song, is just bad IMO.

IMO - there are far better places here in East Mountains that they could have put this, like up on the road to the peak, where there are the purple mountains. They are even called The Sandias.
And for those expecting the entire song, it does not play the entire song, just the last stanza. And then it is spoiled by the nationwide jingle.
Also - if you do decide to venture out this way - locals fly around the corner that precedes the strip, so I apologize in advance if they come up on you and blow their horn. Because even though you have to go 45 to hear the song, the posted limit through there is 55.
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Apu- “Wait a minute. These are not sprinkles, sir.”
Homer - “What do you mean?”
Apu- “You’ve clearly taken items from the candy rack and placed them on top of the donut in an attempt to pass them off as sprinkles.”
Homer - “Well, it was like that when I got here, it really was!”
Apu - “A Mounds bar is not a sprinkle! A Twizzler is not a sprinkle! A Jolly Rancher is not a sprinkle, sir. Perhaps in Shangri-la they are, but not here!”
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Piña has been used as a fabric for the Barong Taglog for many years, going back before the Spanish colonial period. Excess leaves are also fed to carabaos. I don't see how pineapple leaves are a wasted product.
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While they didn't have their own show, I would like to mention the Gruesomes.
They originally appeared on the Flintstones. The later on the Pebbles and BamBam show. Then as a family similar in appearance, appeared on the Laff-A-Lmpics as the Creepleys.
Then a family named the Frankenstones appeared on the Frank and Barney show (another Flinstones venue). It is inferred that they moved into the house where the Gruesomes lived.
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