Terrifying Workplace Safety Video Is a 4-Minute Horror Movie

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This is Will You Be Here Tomorrow?, a 1994 workplace safety video sold by the United Safety Council. It imagines the worst case scenarios for industrial and warehousing jobs. It is extraordinarily blunt, using somewhat subpar visual effects to illustrate nails being driven into eyeballs, severed limbs, crushed skulls, and, at the 2:10 mark, a acetylene tank turned into a missile.

I worked in a warehouse to put myself through graduate school. It was filled with sleep-deprived people driving 13,000-pound forklifts as fast as they could to make impossible production quotas. It's amazing that people weren't killed there every day. Perhaps it's funny, but I could also see this safety video making an effective impression on workers.

Content warning: nearly non-stop blood and gore.

-via Atlas Obscura

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Whenver people complain about workplace or consumer rules, I tell them that for every rule, there is a person who died doing that prohibited thing. Probably more like 100 people died.
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I actually recall seeing this,maybe in two different segments, but it was longer and not just the excerpts of the incidents.
I recall some OSHA videos that had the actual images. The ring extrusions and degloved hands were always the most fascinating to see.
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I have eighteen years of industrial experience (manufacturing and contracting) and I have seen, first hand, some of these accidents.

A machine operator lost fingers when he stuck his hand far too close to a heavy machinery's moving parts.

Contract workers have fallen from high places because they were too lazy to wear safety harnesses or other fall restraint system. One broke a leg, another his pelvis.

One worker lost an eye when he shoved a two hundred kilogram oil drum on a wheel trolley and it snapped back so hard the handle hit him on his temple and popped his eyeball loose.

Another crushed his fingers when he was moving another 200kg oil drum and it fell on his hand.

Lastly, a one-time subcontractor of ours was working for another company. His team was painting the interior of a cistern tank when a spark (probably from someone smoking nearby) ignited the fumes, causing an explosion in the tank. The sub-contractor and five of his employees (relatives, really) died.
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