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I feel like I am choking.

She does have a good attitude though, and even with a mobile ventilator, her muscles must be terribly atrophied. My mother used to tell us about some kid in an iron lung at a hospital. After awhile, his family stopped coming to see him, and he spent decades in a windowless room with white tiles on floor and walls, the fluorescent light overhead spitting and flickering.
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My favorite is the crab parasite, Sacculina. As a bonus, this horror's name can be used in that Thumbelina song Danny Kaye sang in "Hans Christian Anderson". I used to sing it that way to the tots till my wife discovered what a sacculina was. "Oh, sacculina dance, sacculina prance...you're nine feet tall!"
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Clean? The crotch was cut out of these size XXXL's, making me think that they cut out the dirty part to avoid doing laundry. Maybe, though, the crotch-piece was used as a bandanna or a wrap skirt.
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"It reads as if they were just casually drowning spiders and noticed this as a side-effect. I’m sure that wasn’t what happened!"

Knowing college professors, I can believe that was what happened.
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Maybe some corporation can apply for a retroactive copyright as has happened with other works in some nations. Isn't that what they did with Peter Pan? That way a stranglehold can be placed that will last decades if not centuries. Or, a corporation can claim to have a copyright, demand payments from others, and dare anyone to take them to court and face staggering expenses (I'm thinking about a very popular special occasion song here).
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